Expedition Equipment Rental and Transportation for Self Guided Tours

From Aavameri, it is possible to rent sea kayaks and outdoor equipment like dry-suits, tents, outdoor kitchens and sleeping bags for expeditions and tours on the Archipelago Sea, Finland. For day trip rentlal, see our Satava Kayak & SUP shed rental system!

We have a very comprehensive store of quality equipment and clothing for rent. When renting equipment without a guide or instructor, good self-rescue and pair rescue skills plus basic sea kayak handling skills are required. Very often it is worth it to use our Self-guided sea kayaking package which includes equipment and transportation instead of renting separate items below.


1. For all guided expeditions and instructed classes where nothing else is mentioned, all sea kayaking equipment is provided included in the price.

2. Aavameri requires kayak rescue, handling and navigation skills from all persons we rent out kayaks to.  If you are not sure if you have the required safety skills, we urge you to book a 3-4 hour Basic Sea Kayak Safety and Boat Handling class / rehersal to start your trip.

For solo or group expenditions and rentals without a guide, the costs below are what we charge for equipment and transportation.

Note 1: We do not rent out equipment without a guide if the group does not have necessary sea kayaking and sea kayak safety skills.  A 3 hour safety course can be ordered together with the kayak rental in order to ensure that you will have an enjoyable and safe trip, but for the highest quality, we very much recommend going out with one of our professional sea kayaking guides.

Note 2: The equipment rent is included in the price for most courses and expeditions with our sea kayaking guides. For more information on these, see the particular activity you are booking. 

  One day Day 2 to 6
(€ / day)
Day 7 - ...
(€ / day)
Single Sea Kayak (Quality fiberglass or RM with skeg, includes spraydeck, paddle and buoyancy aid)  60€ 50€ 40€
Double Sea Kayak (Quality fiberglass with rudder, includes spraydeck, paddle and buoyancy aid) 90€  80€ 70€
Safety bag - includes compass, bildge pump, first aid
- one per group included with kayak rental
0€ 0€  0€
Dry suit (Kokatat Expedition, Ursuk Gemino Venture Kayak) 35€ 30€  30€
Single person tent 22€ /night 20€ /night  20€ /night
Two or three person tent 30€ /night 27€ /night  27€ /night
Sleeping bag 15€ /night 15€ /night  15€ /night
Sleeping mattress (inflatable Therm-a-rest or Vaude) 10€ /night 8€ /night  8€ /night
Outdoor kitchen (for gas or petrol, including burner and kettle system) 10€ 8€  8€
  - outdoor gas 450g 9€ /bottle    
Water transportation bags
  - 10 liters
  - 6 liters
Maps or charts (damaged or lost maps must be paid for), price according with area size
Archipelago Sea / Archipelago National Park: Set of 4 waterproof maps
8€ 6€
Head torch  5€ 3€  3€
Dry bags, set of three (M, L, XL) 5€ 3€  3€
Kayak trailer rent (for a maximum of 12 kayaks) 60€ 50€ 42€


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Aavameri is a International Sea Kayak Guide Alliance ***** Training Center
International Sea Kayak Guide Alliance ***** Training Center
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International Sea Kayak Guide Alliance ***** Training Center
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Aavameri is a Sustainable Travel Finland -labelled company
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