Hidden Gems of the Archipelago Sea

an Amazing Archipelago National Park Sea Kayaking Adventure where the Vikings Used to Live

A maze of islands as far as the eye can see. Silence, wilderness, sheltered mirrored waters. Sculptured by the latest ice age into 40.000 islands and skerries, the Finnish Archipelago Sea is one of the world's big wonders. Finland's Everymans' Rights offers uncountable possibilities to find your own island to camp on. This guided tour takes you, together with a small group of two to seven persons, to the most stunning parts of the area, offering an amazing journey into the Finnish archipelago nature and culture.


Tour Overview

This adventureous three day sea kayaking expedition gives a fantastic time exploring the wild and beautiful Finnish Archipelago National Park together with our nice and professional sea kayak guide. We customize the days according with the group and the weather. Experience island hopping exploring wild islands, dive into the archipelago culture visiting island villages, swim in the sea and find amazing sites to set camp on. Families with children, beginners wanting to take it slow and easy and more experienced kayakers alike have all loved this Visit Finland award-winning expedition each time.

We will paddle in the unique southwest archipelago of Finland, the most extensive and in our opinion the most unique archipelago in the world. A multi-day expedition will offer a close aquintance with the nature and culture of the Finnish archipelago, and the time on the wild islands, sleeping in tents and cooking our own food outdoors, is an unforgettable experience.

Learn more about this unique Unesco reserve and heritage area on the pages of the National Heritages Service site www.nationalparks.fi!



Day 1
We pick you up from Turku after 9am, and take you to a suitable launching beach for the expedition. We vary places according to the weather and the group, and the driving time from Turku is usually a little over an hour. 

Our guide will, if you want it, start the first day by giving you the fundaments of sea kayaking in order to ensure that you get enjoyable days. The tour will be adjusted to your experience and expectations. We paddle out into the Archipelago National Park, stopping at special places for breaks, taking a swim if we feel like it and snack and food breaks when suitable. Your guide is also your chef during the tour if you do not chose otherwise, and will prepare fresh, local dishes out in the wild.

In the afternoon, we land on an island suitable for camping, and build our camp together with the guide. There is time to explore the island and enjoy good food and company.


Day 2
We pack our kayaks after we have enjoyed the breakfast prepared by the guide, and continue the expedition. If the weather allow for it, we have the possibility to visit an outer archipelago island village in order to experience what life in the archipelago is like, but also experience the wild national park nature. We paddle, explore the islands, swim and relax all according to your wishes. Your sea kayaking guide will plan the route to give you the possibility to experience the most beautiful and fascinating parts of the area.

Your guide prepares lunch during a break during the day, and a tasty dinner once we have arrived to the day's camping island in the afternoon. We again set camp, and enjoy the evening. 


Day 3
After breakfast we get on the water again. We explore the are in our kayaks, take a lunch break, and return to the place where we started kayaking day 1 in time to get to Turku around 5pm together with the guide. 


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Note 1: Similar expeditions are arranged on an on demand basis as longer expeditions of up to 6 days. See Tours for Private Groups for more information

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Aavameri is an outdoor ecotourism activity provider, and all our trips, courses and expeditions are planned and performed in a sustainable way giving the highest consideration to nature and local culture. All are guides are highly trained and do their best to give the safest and highest standard experiences to everyone. Read more about Aavameri here and about why we do ecotourism here



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Activity details

  • Location: Finnish Archipelago Sea. Pickup from Turku center from 9am, transportation to good starting point and back to Turku after the expedition
  • When: Tue-Thu June 11th to August 29th
  • Duration: 3 days (2 nights) from 10am first day to 5pm last day
  • Level: Level 2 
    (more on levels)
  • Price includes:
    • - Nice and skilled sea kayak guide,
    • - return transportation from and to Turku,
    • - quality sea kayaking equipment,
    • - local fresh & delicious food prepared by the guide,
    • - quality camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses) available included in the price.
  • Price: 560€ per person (8 to 12 years old 380€, 13 to 15 years old 490€)
  • What to bring: Clothes according to the weather, snacks, water, spare clothes for the case that you would get wet, sunglasses. We supply you with outdoor equipment like tent, sleeping mattress, sleeping bag, outdoor kitchen and more if you do not have your own.
  • For who: This tour is suitable for beginners and experienced alike. The distance made is adjusted to the skills and weather and may vary between 30 and 65 km. This is a perfect adventure for children from 12 years and up. For smaller children, please contact us and discuss so that we are able to make this a great time for everyone.
  • Group size: 2 to 8 persons
  • Instructor / Guide: Highly qualified and nice sea kayak guide
  • Languages: English, Swedish, Finnish (German, French and Spanish through pre-order)
  • Package Duration: Tue-Thu | June - August | 560€ / person

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Hidden Gems of the Archipelago Sea

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