Basic Safety and Boat Handling

This quick basic sea kayak safety and boat handling course is aimed for you, who want to get self-sufficient concerning important skills like basic pair rescues, self rescues, basic boat handling and navigation. During the 3-4 hours training, not all This class or equivalent skills together with previous kayaking experience and navigation skills are considered as minimum criterion for renting sea kayaks without a guide. 


We concentrate on the following during the 3-4hrs class with focus on the parts that are central to train for your safety:

  • One self rescue method (getting back into your kayak after a capsize)
  • One pair rescue method (getting a capsized kayaker back into a dry kayak)
  • Forward paddling
  • Basic, proficient maneuvering strokes
  • Basic support brace
  • Wind, waves and hypothermia
  • Navigation in the archipelago


All things mentioned above will never be covered during one Basic Safety course, instead we focus on those things that you need the most and that are central to the conditions you need the skills for. If you want to train to become a proficient paddler for other than easy conditions, we ask you to consider our two days basic course and intermediate course.

  • Location: Starting point of your expedition or other place according with agreement
  • When: On demand
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Levels: 2 Basic kayaking
  • Price includes: Training together with skilled sea kayak coach
  • Price: 70€/person incl. VAT (minimum price for three persons)


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