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From Aavameri, it is possible to rent sea kayaks and outdoor equipment like dry-suits, tents, outdoor kitchens and sleeping bags for expeditions and tours on the Archipelago Sea, Finland. For day trip rentlal, see our Satava Kayak & SUP shed rental system!

We have a very comprehensive store of quality equipment and clothing for rent. When renting equipment without a guide or instructor, good self-rescue and pair rescue skills plus basic sea kayak handling skills are required. Very often it is worth it to use our Self-guided sea kayaking package which includes equipment and transportation instead of renting separate items below.


1. For all guided expeditions and instructed classes where nothing else is mentioned, all sea kayaking equipment is provided included in the price.

2. Aavameri requires kayak rescue, handling and navigation skills from all persons we rent out kayaks to.  If you are not sure if you have the required safety skills, we urge you to book a 3-4 hour Basic Sea Kayak Safety and Boat Handling class / rehersal to start your trip.

Below you find a price list for rental equipment, and more details about the equipment we provide. All rental kayaks come with buoayancy aids, spraydecks and paddles. For prices and other outdoor equipments such as tents, sleeping bags, outdoor kitchens, drysuits, drybags and more, and for transportation, see the Equipment price list and Transportation tabs. 



Valley Etain

Aavameri: Valley Etain KayaksThe Etain is designed to appeal to paddlers looking for an enjoyable to paddle, expedition-capable kayak that has a good turn of speed and tracks well. The kayak is fairly fast for being a brittish style kayak, and enjoyable both for beginners and experienced kayakers. The design gives the kayak predictable handling and a balanced feel, irrespective of the conditions being paddled. Also having the widest point, at the paddler’s hips, you’ll also notice a real sense of connection between what you do and how the kayak reacts, making it an efficient but also rewarding kayak to paddle.

Length: 531cm Width: 54cm Weight range (paddler + gear) : 60- 100 kg

See Equipment price list above

Norse Idun

Aavameri: Norse IdunNorse Idun is a smaller, hard chined kayak, which means that it is most suitable for a bit smaller paddlers wanting good control and a playful boat in waves . It is a very playful kayak that does not fear the tough sea. With its hard chine and shorter length, you have full control. The lightweight V-shaped hull makes it easy to maintain speed and the course stability. In addition to aramid reinforcement in the keel like all our kayaks, this model also has side reinforcements to withstand a lot of punches. Day hatch behind the cockpit and a small hatch for storage just in front of the cockpit.

Length: 485cm Width: 54cm Weight range (paddler + gear) : 45- 110 kg (max load capacity 110kg, paddler optimal weight 45kg - 80 kg)

See Equipment price list above

Scott LV, MV and HV by Seabird Designs

Aavameri: Seabird Scott kayaksThe Scott Sea Kayak Seabird Scott is a contemporary British style performance, rough water sea kayak designed by Rob Feloy and produced by Seabird Designs. It is designed to be manoeuvreeble and nimble with good stability, comfort and seaworthiness and is good for both the beginner and the experienced kayaker. The hull has a deep rocker curvature, shallow V form with flat bottomed mid-section and hard chines, allowing the kayak to edge and carve well in turns. The rocker and high volume ends makes for an easy boat to surf and play with, but it is equally at home on expeditions.

Length: 498cm (LV), 518 cm (MV), 544 cm (HV) Width: 53 cm (LV), 56cm (MV), 58,5cm (HV)
Weight range (paddler + gear) : 40-78 kg (LV), 70-90 kg (MV), 80- 115 kg (HV)

See Equipment price list above

Scott MV HDPE by Seabird Designs

seabird scott hdpeThe Scott HDPE Sea Kayak is very similar to its composite sister above, only that the HDPE model is made from roto-moulded 3 layer polyethylene. It is a contemporary British style performance, rough water sea kayak designed to be manoeuvreeble and nimble with good stability, comfort and seaworthiness and is good for both the beginner and the experienced kayaker. The hull has a deep rocker curvature, shallow V form with flat bottomed mid-section and hard chines, allowing the kayak to edge and carve well in turns. The HDPE Scott MV is a medium volume kayak which can carry loads for also longer expeditions.

Length: 518cm Width: 55.9cm Weight range (paddler + gear) : 70- 135 kg

See Equipment price list above


Valley Q-boat / Qajariaq Sea Kayak

Qajariaq (Q-Boat) by ValleyValley Q-Boat is a classic British Greenland-inspired kayak for the more skilled paddler. It is an excellent and seaworthy expedition kayak with a high packing volume. It is not as fast as the Sea Pearl below, but a very playful kayak for the technically proficient paddler because of its hard chines which give great manoeuvrability by edging. This kayak is also known as the Qajariaq or the Anas Acuta HV.

Length: 548cm Width: 53cm Weight range (paddler + gear): 80 – 145 kg

 See Equipment price list above


Qanik Sea Kayak by Seabird Designs

Qanik by Seabird (Aavameri)Seabird Qanik has been the biggest success story among our rental fleet and sold kayals the last years. The Qanik is a perfect design by the swedish kayak designer Björn Thomasson. It is inspired by the Greenlanish Illorsuit kayak just as for instance the famous Valley Nordkap and Anas Acuta, but with a design where modern knowledge of how to further improve speed and maneuverability has been used in a perfect way. This kayak is fast and turns in a fascinating way by edging, almost like listening to the skilled kayakers thoughts. It has a bit less initial stability than a brittish contemporary kayak design like the Seabird Scott above. This kayak is enjoyable for most paddlers starting from sportive beginners, but comes most to its own rights for a more advanced paddler. This kayak does not fit the biggest of paddlers, but people up to 187cm of length usually sit well in the Qanik.

Length: 546cm Width: 52cm Weight range (paddler + gear): 60 – 115 kg

See Equipment price list above


The Valley Nordkap RM Sea Kayak

Valley Nordkap RM (Aavameri)Valley Nordkap RM is our only rotomolded polyethylene kayak model and a great kayak for all skill-levels when it comes to expedition kayaking. It is not as playful a kayak as the kayaks above and not as fast as the Sea Pearl, but a good and still relatively fast sea-worthy day-touring and multi-day expedition kayak for you who want a kayak that does not demand too much of you and behaves reliably in all situations.

Single day: 60€  | See Equipment price list above


Nordr L2 by Seabird Designs

Nordl L2Seabird Nordr L2 is a fast, stable and high quality double (two person) sea kayak. It has plenty of dry storage room and is our only kayak model using a rudder instead of a skeg. This kayak is our recommendation if you want to go kayaking with smaller children or with friends or family with very different skill levels.

Length: 640cm Width: 60cm Weight range (paddler + gear): up to 215kg in total

See Equipment price list above 57€



We use a range of lightweight and high quality sea kayak paddles depending on the activity, primarily Z&J (SK-1 & SK-2), Z&J SK-T touring carbon 100% and Werner (Shuna, Calliste Cyprus, Corrywrecken). You can chose between straight and ergo shafts.





We have a good stock of Ursuit drysuits (Venture, Active, 5116) and Kokatat (Expedition) kayaking drysuits.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL | See Equipment price list above



Vaude Ferret XP 3P

Vaude Ferret is a tunnel tent which offers plenty of space for your gear. It is lightweight and has a extra large vestibule. The tent features fast and easy setup and can be pitched from one side thanks to pole pockets. Entrances doubled with mesh materials and fully adjustable ventilation at the front and back ensure a superior microclimate.

For up to three persons

Vaude Taurus UL 2P

Vaude Taurus is a comfortable two persone tent with inner pole sleeves and a comfortable amount of headroom. Stable in winds, fast and easy to pitch, ideal for kayaking.

For up to two persons


We have Trangia kitchens with both gas and multifuel stoves in our stock. We use very reliable quality kithcens like Vaude Hexon Multifuel, Primus and Edelrid Opilio. We also sell gas cartridges and petroleum for the stoves.



We have most of what you could need for an expedition or trip in the wild. You find rental prices in the Price List - if something is not there, please contact us and we will tell you if we are able to provide you with it!


For solo or group expenditions and rentals without a guide, the costs below are what we charge for equipment and transportation.

Note 1: We do not rent out equipment without a guide if the group does not have necessary sea kayaking and sea kayak safety skills.  A 3 hour safety course can be ordered together with the kayak rental in order to ensure that you will have an enjoyable and safe trip, but for the highest quality, we very much recommend going out with one of our professional sea kayaking guides.

Note 2: The equipment rent is included in the price for most courses and expeditions with our sea kayaking guides. For more information on these, see the particular activity you are booking. 

  One day Day 2 to 6
(€ / day)
Day 7 - ...
(€ / day)
Single Sea Kayak (Quality fiberglass or RM with skeg, includes spraydeck, paddle and buoyancy aid)  60€ 50€ 40€
Double Sea Kayak (Quality fiberglass with rudder, includes spraydeck, paddle and buoyancy aid) 90€  80€ 70€
Safety bag - includes compass, bildge pump, first aid
- one per group included with kayak rental
0€ 0€  0€
Dry suit (Kokatat Expedition, Ursuk Gemino Venture Kayak) 35€ 30€  30€
Single person tent 22€ /night 20€ /night  20€ /night
Two or three person tent 30€ /night 27€ /night  27€ /night
Sleeping bag 15€ /night 15€ /night  15€ /night
Sleeping mattress (inflatable Therm-a-rest or Vaude) 10€ /night 8€ /night  8€ /night
Outdoor kitchen (for gas or petrol, including burner and kettle system) 10€ 8€  8€
  - outdoor gas 450g 9€ /bottle    
Water transportation bags
  - 10 liters
  - 6 liters
Maps or charts (damaged or lost maps must be paid for), price according with area size
Archipelago Sea / Archipelago National Park: Set of 4 waterproof maps
8€ 6€
Head torch  5€ 3€  3€
Dry bags, set of three (M, L, XL) 5€ 3€  3€
Kayak trailer rent (for a maximum of 12 kayaks) 60€ 50€ 42€

We deliver kayaks to all parts of the Finnish Archipelago Sea, and also transport kayakers with pickup-places being for instance the Turku center hotels, Turku railway and bus station, Turku and Helsinki airport. For our Self-guided kayaking tours and Guided multi-day kayaking tours, transportation from Turku center to the starting point for the expedition and back afterwards is included in the price. Please note that the below prices are only offered in combination with our other services as and normally depend on the group consisting of at least three persons.


Transporation from or to Turku 
(price for one way, either delivery or end of trip, price for up to 7 persons. For larger groups, ask for price)

Approx 30 minutes transportation one way: Turku neighbourhood  (for instance Ruissalo, Naantali center)  75€
Approx 1-1,5 hrs transportation one way: Kimitoön: for instance Ölmos, Kasnäs, Dalsbruk ; Pargas: for instance Pargas port, Sattmark, Nagu ; Kustavi and similar  150€
Approx 2-2,5 hrs transportation one way: Rosala, Korpo, Houtskär and similar  250€
Kayak trailer rental (demands a trailer coupling on your car, trailer takes a maximum of 12 kayaks) See "Equipment price list"
Group transportation (max 8 persons) Helsinki-Vantaa airport to the Turku area 380€


Enquire or book equipment and transportation
Please fill in available details, and we will get back to you with confirmation for the booking! If you only wish to enquire about an expedition, please fill in at least your name, email-address and a message to us.
Please enter your name
Please enter your mobile phone number, we might need to get in contact with you before the expedition
Please enter the email address to which we should reply
We will get back to you with confirmation about availability for the expedition dates above. If all our equipment is already booked for the dates above, it helps us if you specify any flexibility in the dates above:
If you want a pick-up before the expedition and a drop-off afterwards, please specify the locations:
Where do you want to be picked up (Turku region)
Time for pickup at your hotel, the Turku airport or other place close to Turku. If you do not know the place yet, no worries, just email detais to us when you know.
Where do you want to be dropped off after the expedition (Turku region)
Time for drop off after the trip at your hotel, the Turku airport or other place close to Turku. If you do not know the place yet, no worries, just email detais to us when you know.
What equipment do you wish to rent?
Please enter any enquiry or extra information you have for us
We will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to your enquiry or a price for the rental and service you ask for above.

Thank you!

By registering for an activity, you accept the following terms and conditions

Your registration is booked, when we receive payment for the registration. Until this, other earlier and later registrations paid in time will take priority over unpaid registrations. 
The participant must always check with Aavameri, that possible health issues, skill restrictions or physical condition do not interfere with participating in the activity. This way Aavameri is also able to alter the activity if possible, to ensure a nice and safe time for everyone. 
The Finnish legislation does not allow a company to hold an insurance towards accidents or injuries to the participants or the participants belongings. Please ensure that you hold a travel insurance or alike that covers activities like kayaking. 
 Kayaking equipment is rented out only to persons that have the required technical and safety skills to paddle in an dynamic environment. These skills include kayak rescues, understanding of weather and cold water, kayak handling techniques and basic navigation skills. If you are unsure about your skills, please ask before renting - we are happy to offer you a basic kayak safety course before letting you out on your own. The customer is responsible for any damages to the equipment during the rental periord, and will be charged for repairs and replacements should such occour. The equipment should be cleaned before returned.
A cancellation made by the participant gives the right to the following returns from the part of the payment, which has not caused Aavameri irrevocable fees:
• more than 15 days before the start of the activity: 70% return
• more than 7 days before the start of the activity: 35% return
• less than 7 days before the start of the activity: no return
Because of the administrative work in connection with bookings, an administrative fee of 25€ is not returnable upon cancellation.
If the participant choses to leave the activity earlier than planned, this does not entitle to a return.
In situations like dangerous weathers, injuries to the guide or other force majeure situations, Aavameri does the utmost to alter the activity in a way making it possible to still do the activity on another place, with another guide or alike. However, in extreme cases, Aavameri could be obliged to cancel an event with short warning. In this case, Aavameri offers another similar activity to the customer without a new charge, or if this does not work for the customer, makes a money return for the activity.

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