By registering for an activity, you accept the following terms and conditions



Your registration is booked, when we receive payment for the registration. For activities open for the public, other earlier and later registrations paid earlier will take priority over unpaid registrations. 


The participant must always check with Aavameri, that possible health issues, skill restrictions or physical conditions does not interfere with participating in the activity. This way Aavameri is also able to alter the activity if possible, to ensure a nice and safe quality experience for everyone. The Finnish legislation does not allow a company to hold an insurance towards accidents or injuries to the participants or the participants' belongings. Please ensure that you hold a travel insurance or alike that covers activities like kayaking.  


Kayaking equipment is rented out only to persons that have the required technical and safety skills to paddle in an dynamic environment. These skills include kayak rescues, understanding of weather and cold water, kayak handling techniques and basic navigation skills. If you are unsure about your skills, please ask before renting - we are happy to offer you a basic kayak safety course before letting you out on your own. The customer is responsible for any damages to the equipment during the rental periord, and will be charged for repairs and replacements should such be needed. The equipment should be cleaned and emptied before returned. 


A cancellation made by the participant gives the right to the following returns from the part of the payment, which has not caused Aavameri irrevocable fees: 

1 Courses and activities arranged in Finland 

  • more than 15 days before the start of the activity: 70% return
  • more than 7 days before the start of the activity: 35% return
  • less than 7 days before the start of the activity: no return 

2 Courses and activities arranged outside Finland

  • more than 30 days before avtivity: 70% return
  • more than 15 days before activity: 35% return
  • 15 day or less before activity: no return 

Because of the administrative work in connection with bookings, an administrative fee of 25€ is not returnable upon cancellation. If the participant choses to leave the activity earlier than planned, this does not entitle to a return.  


In very rare situations, Aavameri might have to cancel an activity. We warmly recommend our customers to have a travel insurance, which compensates for changed travel plans in such cases.

  1. In situations like dangerous weathers, injuries to the guide or other force majeure situations, Aavameri does the utmost to alter the activity in a way making it possible to still do the activity on another place, with another guide or alike. However, in extreme and very rare cases, Aavameri could be obliged to cancel an event with short warning. In this case, Aavameri offers another similar activity to the customer without a new charge, or if this does not work for the customer, makes a full money return for the activity.
  2. In situations where Aavameri does not get enough customers for a multiday expedition in Finland, Aavameri has the right to cancel the expedition with prior information about this sent to the customer one week before the expedition. A full money return regarding Aavameri's fees for the expedition or course is made in such cases. In situations where Aavameri does not get enough customers for a multiday expedition in other countries than Finland, Aavameri has the right to cancel the expedition with prior information about this sent to the customer one month before the expedition. A full money return regarding Aavameri's fees for the expedition or course is in this case made.
  3. Activity not in line with client's abilities: In the unfortunate event that Aavameri's guide determine that a client does not meet the physical requirements or the skill level requirements of an activity on site and therefore is at risk of serious injury and / or will not make it possible for the rest of the group to go on with the activity as planned, Aavameri needs to cancel part of or the whole participation in the activity for the client. A refund for the remaining part of the activity is made only if the participant has correctly informed Aavameri about restrictions in physical or skill abilities prior to the activity.



The registrar Aavameri FI17593172, Ankkurikatu 9, Turku Finland stores data connected with customer relations as the Aavameri Customer Relations Database.  Responsible registrar handler is Benjamin Donner, benjamin (ät) aavameri.fi. The Our Privacy Policy describes how we handle the information you provide to us when you use our services. You understand that through your use of Aavameri's services, you consent to the collection and use (as set forth in the Privacy Policy) of this information in the ways needed for Aavameri to arrange qualitative services and for possible newsletters if you opt in for such.


The purpose and use of the data:

a. Needed data is collected and stored for arrangements of the activity. This data includes the customers name, email address and any further details needed for the activity which might include, but does not always include all of, the followings: activity the customer has registered to, postal address, phone number, age, weight, height and health issues. These details, except name and email address if conditions in b) below apply, are destroyed direcly after the activity in question. 

b. Data for sending out newsletters about similar activities to the customer if the customer choses to opt in for this. This data only includes name and email address. The customer can chose to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by using the link in the newsletter, in which case the information is destroyed automatically.

c. Data from customers in Aavameri's web shop is stored to make the order and guarantee process possible as follows: Name and email address of customers and physical products bought or enquired about. Enuiries are destroyed one month after having been done. The name and email address of the customer for completed buys is stored along with product details for guarantee purposes, these details will be destroyed upon request. 

Aavameri collects and stores needed information on a Finnish server with SSL encrypted and password protected connection. No information is forwarded to third party or outside EU and EU's economical region, and only the guide for the activity and the person handling bookings have access to the data. For technical reasons, the server administrator has access to raw data stored on the server, but is prohibited from use and distribution of private data in all ways. 

Everyone customer has the right to check what data is stored about him- or herself. Enquiries about stored data, corrections to the data or removal of data should be sent to dataprotection (ät) aavameri.fi  . If a customer data is in the customers view in any ways misused, we strongly hope for you to contact us. It is also possible to contact the surveilling authority, the Finnish Data Protection Office.

This Privacy Policy and Privacy Protection Act has been updated May 5th, 2018, to cover the new EU GDPR data protection changes from May 25th, 2018.


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International Sea Kayak Guide Alliance ***** Training Center
Aavameri is a International Sea Kayak Guide Alliance ***** Training Center
International Sea Kayak Guide Alliance ***** Training Center
Official Partner of the Archipelago National Park, Finland
International Sea Kayak Guide Alliance ***** Training Center
Awarded as the Baltic Sea Region's "Most sustainable tourism services provider and 2nd Price as Most Sustainable Product or Service by Baltic Sea Tourism Forum
Aavameri is a Sustainable Travel Finland -labelled company
Aavameri is a Sustainable Travel Finland -labelled company
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