We will paddle in the unique southwest archipelago of Finland, the most extensive and in our opinion the most unique archipelago in the world. The chill of the winter, with snow and ice likely present, will colour this adventure, offering an experince few has tried. A multi-day expedition will offer a close aquintance with the nature  of the Finnish archipelago, the time on the wild islands and early sunset and evening in the cottage for the evening will slow life down in a remarkable way.

Learn more about this unique Unesco reserve and heritage area on the pages of the National Heritages Service site www.nationalparks.fi!



First day We pick you up from Turku and take you to a suitable launching beach for the expedition. We vary places according to the weather and the group, and the driving time from Turku is usually a little over an hour. During the drive, we stop at a shop to get the food for the days if you have not asked us to take care of all food arrangements.

We will, if needed, start the first day by giving you the fundaments of sea kayaking in order to ensure the best possible days for you. The tour will be adjusted to your experience and expectations. We paddle out into the Archipelago National Park, stopping at special places for breaks, taking a swim if we feel like it and snack and food breaks when suitable. Your kayaking guide takes care of the preparation and serving of food alltogether if booked that way.

In the afternoon, we land on the island with our cottage. There is time to explore the island and enjoy good food and a sauna experience in the darkness.

Full days out We pack our kayaks after breakfast and continue the expedition. During three to six day expeditions, we have the possibility to visit an outer archipelago island village in order to experience what life in the archipelago is like, but also experience the wild national park nature. We paddle, explore the islands and relax all according to your wishes. Your sea kayaking guide will plan the route to give you the possibility to experience the most beautiful and fascinating parts of the area.

Last day In the afternoon, we reach the beach where our car is waiting, we pack our things and your sea kayak guide transports you back to where you want in the Turku area.

Note 1: Theses expeditions are arranged on an on demand basis, we arrange them when you want them.

Note 2: Most often, the group wants to experience cooking your own food, and our sea kayak guide is happy to help with selecting food in the shop and helping with the otdoor kitchen. If you, however, want the sea kayak guide to buy, cook and serve all the food during the days, this is also possible (+21€/person/day). 

Read the customer reviews about these expeditions on TripAdvisor to get a feeling about the trips, and enquire or book an expedition for your group by using the form below!


  • Location: Pickup from Turku center, transportation to good starting point
  • When: December - March upon request
  • Duration: 1-3 days
  • Levels: 3 Intermediate
  • Price includes: Nice and skilled sea kayak guide, winter kayaking equipment (drysuit, insulation), quality sea kayaking equipment, transportation to/from Turku center, multiday: archipelago cottage accommodation with sauna
  • Price: 320€ per person one day; multiday tours 210€/person per extra day. If you wish to get the food during the expedition served instead of buying and cooking it yourself, we charge 21€ per day/person for this. The minimum price is for three persons.
  • What to Bring: Equipment and activity specific clothes included in the price. A detailed equipment list will be sent upon booking.


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