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Great service, great funny & skilled guide, good equipment and a beautiful area! We were picked up by the airport and taken by the shop to a nice beach for the starting our trip. Our three day trip was fantastic and our choice to sleep in the tents Ben offered was a good one, it was an amazing adventure to sleep in the forest by the sea! Service was excellent to the very end and I will sure come back for a longer expedition. This was the first time I have tried sea kayaking...and I am hooked!
Palautteen päivämäärä: 21 Syys 2015
Kirjoittanut: : Janicke & Sarah
Sään mukanaan tuomista haasteista huolimatta opas oli mahtava, kärsivällinen ja taitava. Valmistelut olivat hyvät ja kaiken kaikkiaan reissu aivan upea. Lisää tunnelmia ja muutama kuva osoitteessa http://sanadesign.fi/2013/06/11/melontaretki/
Palautteen päivämäärä: 21 Syys 2015
Kirjoittanut: : Sari
With our 6-person family we made a 2-day tour. Ben was a great guide, he picked us up in Turku, everything was perfectly planned, the kayaks, tents and other equipment were in perfect condition. We had a great tour in the beautiful archipel with very nice summer-weather. We can recommend it to anyone who likes outdoor activities!
Palautteen päivämäärä: 21 Syys 2015
Kirjoittanut: : Sietse Wouters
Erittäin ammattitaitoinen koulutus missä kouluttajan kokemus ja osaaminen antoi oikeiden tilanteiden esimerkkien ja kiinnostavan keskustelun kautta uskomattoman paljon uutta ja ajateltavaa. Lämmin ja mukaansavetävä opettamis- ja keskustelutyyli, +++! Kiitos!
Palautteen päivämäärä: 21 Syys 2015
Kirjoittanut: : Katri Hellsten
Kiitos 100% upeasta koulutusviikonlopusta! Seuramelonnasta ei löydy näin osaavaa ja laadukasta kouluttajaa, kurssi oli ilman muuta paras johon olen koskaan osallistunut. Jatka samaa mallia!
Palautteen päivämäärä: 21 Syys 2015
Kirjoittanut: : Risto
Me and my friend went paddling for four days in de Finish Archipelago, and it was fantastic!
We contacted Aavameri to help us prepare our little expedition. All the arrangements went very smooth and Ben was always ready with advice, by phone and by email.
Up on arrival everything was perfect. I lost some luggage on the airport and Benjamin was kind enough to immediately provide us with extra material, which was excellent and generous! He then provided us with detailed maps of the area and a route suggestion. He gave us detailed info about the area and once the trip started he always kept us updated about the weather conditions, which was a great service!
The material he provided was excellent and we couldn’t have asked for more! The kayaks were in percent condition, as was the rest of the material. Benjamin is also very caring and flexible. Because of the wind we couldn't reach our endpoint and Benjamin arranged another pickup.
We had an amazing experience, thanks to Benjamin. I would recommend Aavameri to anyone planning a sea kayak trip in the Archipelago or elsewhere!
Palautteen päivämäärä: 18 Elo 2015
Kirjoittanut: : Simon Dello
We spend four days paddling in the Finnish archipelago with two young boys. Excellent trip. We got it all. Remote islands, beautiful scenery, fun kayaking, learning technical skills, saw wildlife, learnt a lot of local knowledge. Everyone got what they were looking for. From perfectly calm crossings in the sun set to surfing in the waves. Benjamin has amazing local knowledge, and is a fantastic guide. Kayaking in the archipelago is very enjoyable indeed.
Palautteen päivämäärä: 14 Elo 2015
Kirjoittanut: : Katri C
Can’t recommend highly enough - both Aavameri and kayaking! At short notice Ben was able to accommodate my request for a paddle from Naantali and took me out on a tour of the area, encompassing urban and rural sights. As well as being great company, I felt safe in his knowledge of the area and ability to judge my capabilities as an intermediate paddler. This is a responsible, ethical provider with high quality kit, and Ben has top, internationally recognised qualifications.

Go! Kayak, see, and enjoy! It will be a memorable experience, and is a unique and beautiful way to see any part of the world.
Palautteen päivämäärä: 07 Keäs 2015
Kirjoittanut: : Soundpost
I did a short 1,5h trip with Benjamin + my group in August 2014. The majority of us had never tried kayaking before, but Benjamin was very good in reassuring us that we would be fine. And we were - everyone loved it! The route was well chosen, the weather was perfect and Benjamin helped us with everything in his easy-going way. We had such a good time that I decided to take another kayaking tour a week later. This time we had Daniela as our guide and again everything was great, despite the windy weather. Aavameri can be recommended to anyone, no matter if you have previous experience in kayaking. Will definately try this again!
Palautteen päivämäärä: 14 Heinä 2014
Kirjoittanut: : Meegu
I went on the Summer Eve Archipelago tour and had a wonderful time, the beauty and tranquillity of the archipelago surpassed my expectations. Thanks for the lovely afternoon out and the super company.
Palautteen päivämäärä: 12 Heinä 2014
Kirjoittanut: : Rahul Dalal

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