Palautteen kautta autamme Aavamerta jatkokehittämään laatua! Anna palautetta tämän sivun alaosalla.

Thank you for a perfect expedition on the Finnish Archipelago Sea! Our professional sea kayak guide was friendly and a perfect host, the food was great, the kayaking unforgettable and the archipelago scenery, WOW! We discovered wild islands and met nice archipelago village people, saw eagles and seals and slept in comfortable tents with nothing but the sea and birds as neighbours. I will certainly come again!
Palautteen päivämäärä: 23 Heinä 2018
Kirjoittanut: : Trys
Ontario, Canada
My boyfriend and I have just returned from a fantastic two days with Daniela. We started south of Turku which meant within half an hour we were away from any cottages. As beginners the trip was challenging but so rewarding - getting to paddle through the islands and across open water. Our paddling skills definitely improved over the two days with advice and instruction from Daniela!
We camped on an island with only a lone Finn along the beach (but handily a proper toilet ten minutes walk across the island!) with perfect views of sunrise and sunset. I would thoroughly recommend this trip if you want to explore the archipelago in a unique and fun way. Kiitos!
Palautteen päivämäärä: 09 Heinä 2017
Kirjoittanut: : Vanessa R
Hienosti organisoitu melontaretki. Varusteet olivat ensiluokkaiset, siistit ja turvalliset. Kajakit soveltuvat kaikentasoisille melojille ja ohjaajan asiantuntemus ja taidot huippuluokkaa. Kaikki melojat otettiin huomioon ja melonta sujui ongelmitta ensikertalaistenkin osalta. Sää oli välillä tuulen puolesta hiukan haastavakin, mutta matka sujui kaikilta hienosti ja turvallisesti. Iso kiitos Benjaminille ! Tulen uudesta - aivan varmasti !
Palautteen päivämäärä: 07 Heinä 2017
Kirjoittanut: : Pipsa H
4 adults in our group went for a guided kayaking tour in the archipelago with Daniela as our guide. It was well worth the time and money. Daniela did a great job catering the the experience to the skill levels of everyone in our group, some of whom were complete beginners. I think it was totally worth having a the guide, since we're from the US and I was a little worried about getting lost out there amidst the island.

Daniela knew just where to go to see a variety of marine landscapes and she led us to a great lunch spot where she had lunches prepared and made us coffee with a camp stove.

She also adjusted the trip to our wishes as we went along.

Overall a fantastic experience. One of the highlights of our trip.
Palautteen päivämäärä: 05 Heinä 2017
Kirjoittanut: : Merritt A
It was amazing to discover the beautiful nature of the Archipelago from the seaside on the kayak. Our guide was really nice and even as beginners it was possible to advance very fast with her advice. Also autumn was perfect to go because the nature around is colourful and though even more beautiful. And it´s not cold at all as you are always moving and also our guide brought a lot of extra equipment for colder temperatures (like dry suits e.g.) which was free of charge! Definitely worth the money :) ! Visited October 2016
Palautteen päivämäärä: 20 Loka 2016
Kirjoittanut: : Anna_Amra
We spent a lovely sunny evening kayaking from Ruissalo island. We were in a great group of people - we were mostly beginners and the 3-4 hour tour was paced accordingly. With Daniela as our guide we were able to explore areas around the islands which we would never have discovered by ourselves. The weather was perfect and the scenery was gorgeous in the evening sunlight. The instructions on where to meet were very clear and helpful. Daniela was a friendly, helpful and patient instructor and we had a great time - well worth the aching arms and shoulders the next day!!
Palautteen päivämäärä: 31 Heinä 2016
Kirjoittanut: : LucyP
Fantastic Evening Kayaking! If you´re ever in Turku, this is a must do experience. Benjamin was our guide for an evening kayak trip from Ruissalo Island. It´s a beautiful area, the waters are calm and peaceful. Benjamin is knowledgeable about the entire area and a good instructor. We learned about the history of the islands and the area in general. I would definitely book another trip with Aavameri if I get back to Finland, especially a multi-day trip exploring the archipelago.
Palautteen päivämäärä: 26 Heinä 2016
Kirjoittanut: : akpaww on TripAdvisor
I can’t say enough good things about Aavameri. They arranged a two day solo kayak trip for me in the archipelago near Turku, and I couldn’t have asked for better service. Literally everything was taken care of, down to the smallest detail. My kayak was excellent, as were the tent, sleeping bag and all the other supplies. Even matches and toilet paper were taken care of, making sure that nothing would be forgotten. I got lots of maps and navigational aids, as well as detailed route suggestions. Benjamin took great care and interest in my safety, was punctual at drop off and pick-up, provided a wealth of information and is simply a wonderful, caring person. I had an amazing weekend.
Palautteen päivämäärä: 17 Loka 2015
Kirjoittanut: : Dror Etzion
Montreal, Canada
Your archipelago must be the most beautiful place in the world! Thank you for a great time and the personal top-quality service! Your friendliness and efforts to make my stay the best possible overhelmed me! Furthermore, your coaching regarding kayaking Ben are the best I have ever experienced!
Palautteen päivämäärä: 21 Syys 2015
Kirjoittanut: : Thomas
I wanted to thank you for the trip you organised for me. I had a fantastic time in your amzaing archipelago.

Your preparations for my trip were excellent and I really appreciated your pro-active communication before the trip Ben. The gear was excellent too and I appreciate the fact that you lent me a lot of extra gear. The navigation was smooth, which is not an easy task in such a tricky area so well done Markus for your great outdoors skills! And I think the weather ended up being a great mix with some beautiful sun when we needed it but also some fairly solid wind to make it a bit more of an adventure!
Palautteen päivämäärä: 21 Syys 2015
Kirjoittanut: : Francois

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