Sustainability and Ecotourism

 "Responsible travel", "ecotourism" and "sustainable tourism" are very common terms these days. They are used so often by all kinds of bussinesses, that they leave many confused as to what these terms really mean and perhaps suspicious of their value. Below you find our thoughts regarding what ecotourism means for Aavameri.

What does Aavameri do?

Aavameri is the Finnish specialist for responsible sea kayaking adventures in Finland. We arrange guided multi-day expeditions in the Finnish Archipelago Sea, land support for groups without guides, kayak and outdoor equipment rental and transportation. We feel a close commitment to working with our archipelago's well-being in mind, both regarding nature and island inhabitants. Aavameri works in close co-operation with local partners including accommodation, food and activities.

What does the commitment to do responsible adventures mean?

For us at Aavameri, preserving the nature we live and work in and working as closely as possible together with the archipelago inhabitants and culture are essential aspects in what we do. This means focused work regarding
  • measures to conserve the local environment in which our activities take place
  • managing waste and resources
  • not unnecessarily disturb breeding or nesting wildlife
  • arranging responsible encounters with the nature, inhabitants and culture of the archipelago
  • using and further developing safety procedures
  • use of local services and goods whenever possible
  • offering activities for small group sizes
  • staff training and information to customers about sustainable behaviour, the vulnerable nature and procedures to protect the environment
  • use of the most sustainable transporation and biofuels possible when not on the sea
  • ongoing commitment to further develop the sustainable and environmental procedures of Aavameri

Certifications and partnerships

Aavameri is a Sustainable Travel Finland and PAN Parks certified company. The STF label can be awarded for those companies and destinations that have undergone the entire Sustainable Travel Finland programme and fulfilled the criteria. The PAN Parks symbol symbolises an honoured and trusted brand for conservation management and sustainable development. It’s a brand for high-quality facilities of tourism and exceptional nature, well balanced with the needs of community development and wilderness protection. Through the PAN Parks certfication, Aavameri's sustainability program and work processes have been verified and found to e in line with sustainable tourism.
We are also a holder of the Finnish Quality 1000 Laatutonni certificate founded on international criteria for quality awards and a partner of the Archipelago National Park.
Aavameri supports the Baltic Sea Action Group and the World Wildlife Fund's Baltic Sea Protection Programmes annually. 
All our partners are small local companies with a very small impact of tourism to the environment, and many are locally, nationally or internationally certified by environmental labelling.

Why should you choose an ecotourism holiday or a responsible tour operator?

For you as our customer, choosing an ecotourism holiday is not only a positive ethical choice, but is also a reassurance that you will be visiting an area and activity where visitor numbers are strictly controlled and the local environment is cared for, enhancing your enjoyment of your visit. Our clients may choose us because of our environmental and ethical credentials, or they may simply be attracted by thearea and the quality of our adventures. Whatever the initial reason for choosing an ecotourism holiday, there are significant benefits both in terms of the environmental impact of your activity and in your enjoyment of the activity experience.



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