At Aavameri Sea Kayaking, we provide our sea kayaking guests with transportation service to and from our activities and self-guided expeditions. By Finnish law, this kind of transport needs a permit from the Traffic Safety Administration ( Liikenten turvallisuusvirasto, TraFi). Aavameri's permit details are:
Authorized contact: Aavameri, Donner Carl Benjamin Alexander
Traffic zone: The whole of Finland (including Åland islands which are excempted from traffic regulations)
Primary traffic area: Proper Finland, South-west Finland and Finnish Archipelago Sea
Permit validity: Until 15.7.2028
Transport costs: Aavameri does fixed price transportation according with the prices on www.aavameri.fi/en/rental -> Transportation . For transportation outside the areas in the price information, agreement about the price is made with our guests prior to the transportation.
Payment methods: We only do pre-booked transportation for our guests. Payment is possible through bank transfer in advance and credit cards on site.
Accessibility: Aavameri does not have wheel-chair elevators or other equipment for transporting persons with special needs. 
Feedback regaring our services: We are grateful for all feedback concerning our services, including transportation services. Feedback can be given on www.aavameri.fi/en/feedback . 

Weather forecasts

Sea Weather Forecasts for the Archipelago Sea and Gulf of Finland

These weather forecasts open up as PDF files, easy to print out or save in your mobile phone!

Eastern Gulf of Finland: {modal https://www.yr.no/place/Finland/Other/Virolahti/forecast.pdf}            Western Gulf of Finland:         Archipelago Sea:                      Gulf of Bothnia South:         


Turku and Archipelago Sea Weather

Drag and zoom for right area, click for point data. Thanks to Windy.com for this animation!



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Aavameri SeaKayaking.fi is a sustainable, high quality sea kayaking activities provider in the Archipelago Sea, south Finland. [Read more...]


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