Short day or Evening Kayaking Tours for Private Groups

Archipelago Sea, Finland

Tour Overview

There is no better way than this to experience the inner Turku archipelago!

This summer evening archipelago sea kayaking tour for private groups starts from a place in the Turku, Naantali, Kustavi, Pargas or Kimitoön region that you chose.

This trip is arranged according with availability any day during the season for groups (minimum price is for three persons except for when joining the Thursday Summer Evening Tours).  


We will meet at the beach you prefer at 5pm and go through the equipment and sea kayaking fundamentals. Once on the water, we will head out into the archipelago landscapes. During this relaxed and enjoyable trip, you will experience some of the beautiful inner archipelago. We will adjust the pace and length of the trip according with the group and weather. For those new to or less experienced in sea kayaking, we will get you going with the fundamentals of the sport in order to make the afternoon 100% perfect. Your sea kayak guide will tell you about the environment, and give you advice regarding paddling techinques. A land break on one of the islands will feel good, with a chanse to explore the island nature, before heading back towards where we started.

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Activity details

  • Location: According with your wishes: The Naantali, Turku, Kustavi, Pargas or Kimitoön region
  • When: According with availability
  • Price includes: Nice and skilled sea kayak guide, quality sea kayaking equipment
  • Price: 65€ (incl. 10% VAT). For private groups, a minimum price for four persons is charged.
  • What to bring: Clothes according to the weather, snacks, water, spare clothes for the case that you would get wet, sunglasses
  • For who: This tour is suitable for beginners and experienced alike.
  • Group size: 3 to 8 persons (for bigger groups, ask for price!)
  • Instructor / Guide: -
  • Languages: English, Swedish, Finnish (German, French and Spanish through pre-order)
  • Package Duration: 3,5hrs-4,5hrs | from 65€

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