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Finnish Archipelago Sea Summertime

The Finnish Archipelago Sea, with its over 40.000 islands and skerries, is the world's largest archipelago. These are Aour home waters, and with the Archipelago Sea National Park a extraordinary area for kayaking. Both day trips and expeditions as long as 1-2 weeks can be made with or (for experienced kayakers) without a professional guide.

Finnish Archipelago Sea Wintertime

Large areas of the Finnish Archipelago Sea is often ice covered during wintertime. Almost all the time, however, places to experience unforgettable kayaking along the edge of the ice can be found. Temperatures varied between a few degrees above to around 25 degrees Celsius below zero. A fantastic way to experience the Archipelago Sea in the wintertime is by tour skates. These long ice skate blades which you attach to stabile skating boots takes you in thrilling speeds without much effort. Ice skating on nature ice should always be done with an experienced ice safety and tour skating expert. Aavameri arranges skating tours when the ice conditions are good for this, do contact us if you are interesetd to try this activity!

Cornwall, United Kingdom

For around 10 years, Aavameri has been arranging guided Intermediate and Advanced skills kayaking courses during springs and autumns in Cornwall. During these course weeks, we train safety and wave techniques, advanced resuces, surfing and do great trips along the scenic coastline of Cornwall.

Orust, Sweden

The Swedish West Coast and the archipelago outside Orust, north of Gothenburg, is a mecca for kayakers searching for clear waters, nice waves, and scenic landscapes. This is an area where Aavameri arranges wave technique and leadership courses for kayak guides.

Helgelandskysten, Norway

Helgelandskysten outside Mo i Rana in Norway is a beautiful area for expedition kayaking. Together with the Lofoten area, this is one of our favourite kayaking destinations in Norway in which we have been arranging courses and expeditions for several years.

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Aavameri SeaKayaking.fi is a sustainable, high quality sea kayaking activities provider in the Archipelago Sea, south Finland. [Read more...]


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