At Aavameri Sea Kayaking, we provide our sea kayaking guests with transportation service to and from our activities and self-guided expeditions. By Finnish law, this kind of transport needs a permit from the Traffic Safety Administration ( Liikenten turvallisuusvirasto, TraFi). Aavameri's permit details are:
Authorized contact: Aavameri, Donner Carl Benjamin Alexander
Traffic zone: The whole of Finland (including Ă…land islands which are excempted from traffic regulations)
Primary traffic area: Proper Finland, South-west Finland and Finnish Archipelago Sea
Permit validity: Until 15.7.2028
Transport costs: Aavameri does fixed price transportation according with the prices on www.aavameri.fi/en/rental -> Transportation . For transportation outside the areas in the price information, agreement about the price is made with our guests prior to the transportation.
Payment methods: We only do pre-booked transportation for our guests. Payment is possible through bank transfer in advance and credit cards on site.
Accessibility: Aavameri does not have wheel-chair elevators or other equipment for transporting persons with special needs. 
Feedback regaring our services: We are grateful for all feedback concerning our services, including transportation services. Feedback can be given on www.aavameri.fi/en/feedback .