General Safety while SUP-boarding or kayaking


A life jacket comes with each kayak and SUP-board. However, the life jackets might not fit safely for someone weighing less than 35 kg or more than 110 kg, bring your own life jacket if you are not inside this range!
Check the weather beforehand. Don't paddle beyond your skill level in waves, wind or open water!

Make sure to always adhere to the following safety guidelines:
  • Don't paddle alone, this is never as safe as paddling together with someone
  • Stay close to the shore and out of the way of boats
    Capsizing more than 50 meters from the shore is a hazard if you do not know how to make deep water rescues even in warmer water temperatures. 
  • Wear clothing appropriate to the conditions
  • Alcohol or drugs is not allowed before or while paddling
  • Do not paddle after dark
  • Practice self-rescue and re-boarding before going out. Join a basic kayaking or SUP-boarding course if you have not taken part in such!
    Aavameri's courses can be found here!
  • Always tell a friend that you are going out paddling, where you are heading for and when you should be expected to be back

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