Activity levels


 Does not need previous kayaking experience. Your fitness level should be such that you have no problem with walking three kilometers or swimming 400 meters in a slow pace. We will customize the activity for your speed and ability.


2 Previous kayaking experience is not needed, but helps you to get going with the activity. Your fitness level should be such, that walking in a brisk pace for three kilometers or swimming for 1 kilometer in a slow pace is OK for you. 

3Requires previous kayaking experience, and having a basic course in sea kayaking behind you helps you enjoy the activity more. A good fitness level is a must.

Taso 4For kayakers with technical traing and a good fitness level. The activity includes dynamic kayaking, often in conditions with more than 9 m/s wind and waves under 1 m heigh. Profiency in deep water rescues needed.


Taso 5For sea kayakers with proficient self-rescue and pair rescue tecniques in deep water and dynamic conditions. You need previous experience in multi-day sea kayak trips and kayak handling skills for over 1 meter high waves and 12 m/s wind. Most activities at this level are aimed towars kayaking instructors.

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Aavameri SeaKayaking.fi is a sustainable, high quality sea kayaking activities provider in the Archipelago Sea, south Finland. [Read more...]


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